SustainabilityVie en Ville

The timescale of a city can be counted in decades; that of property development counted in years; but society itself moves forward with increasing speed. The Unibail- Rodamco group has set out to respond to the social expectations of people living in cities. Housing, offices, shops and hotels have to be reinvented and re-energised by new architectural forms responding to new uses in which local residents, who are often more imaginative than the professionals, are the frontline experts. We have to listen, to understand and to interpret their wishes via a new approach to typologies we think we know all about. We can only move forward if we change our approach to the production of real estate, if we free ourselves from ideological taboos, and if we are ready to challenge regulatory and technical constraints. The idea of getting all the project‘s stakeholders – public and private partners, designers, financiers and manufacturers – working hand in hand is no dream; it’s how the projects and concepts that will form tomorrow’s city will be made to emerge.