SustainabilityAwards & Ratings

Unibail-Rodamco relies on external environmental and ISO certifications to validate the environmental performance of its assets. The Group deploys an active product labeling policy for both new developments and standing assets thanks to its two in-house Environmental Management Systems. This serves as evidence to the Group’s stakeholders that Unibail-Rodamco’s assets and responsible management processes are already at the highest environmental standards available in the Real Estate sector.

New development projects

As a confirmation of the quality of the Sustainable Design Attitude (SDA): Unibail-Rodamco seeks "BREEAM" certification for all of its new developments and extensions of more than 10,000 m². "BREEAM" is the most widely used sustainable construction certification framework in Europe.
In 2014, the Group has confirmed its leadership by getting its third "Excellent" BREEAM certification across Europe with Mall of Scandinavia (MoS) and a BREEAM award 2014 at Ecobuild for So Ouest shopping centre, obtaining final certificate with a total best score at 78.4%, over performing the "Excellent" score obtained at Design Stage. Local certification, such as HQE certification in France, High Environmental Quality (the French standard certification scheme for sustainable constructions), is obtained when relevant for the leasing or investment markets.

Standing assets

2014 was an intense "BREEAM In-Use" year with 26 Shopping Centres and 6 Offices buildings certified. The Group achieved strong performances establishing local market benchmarks in six European countries (Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden and Slovakia). 19 out of the 26 Shopping Centres were rated at "Outstanding" level for "building management" (part 2). With an "Outstanding" rating and a total of 96% score for the "building management" (part 2), the recently extended and renovated Centrum Černý Most, located in Prague, obtained the highest scores under "BREEAM In-Use" international scheme across Eastern Europe and the Group’s standing retail portfolio.
Unibail-Rodamco targets a "BREEAM-In-Use" certification for at least 80% of its Shopping Centres (managed assets – in m2) by 2016, with a minimum of "Very Good" for the "Building Management" score. By December 31, 2014 (including 2014 disposal effects), the Group had 39 Shopping Centres "BREEAM In-Use" certified in Europe and came closer to achieving its goal, with 62% (up to 1,9 million m2 consolidated GLA) and 68% (up to €16,6 Bn in terms of gross market value) of the Group’s standing Shopping Centres.